2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Specs

If you are one of the fans of Ram Trucks then you must want know about 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi specs that is just recently released. In this article, we will give you information about the specs of brand new Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi, which will be released near in the future. As we already know that Ram focuses on exclusive diesel engine with fuel economy, comfort with air-ride suspension and good looking interiors.

These features are enough to make us think to choose the Dodge Ram 1500. That is why we need to know more about the spec of this brand new car to know more about what is new in the aspect of specs. So we hope that you will be able to have more knowledge about this car and eventually come to like it.


The price for the new brand new Dodge Ram is also considered standard. It will be priced at least $27,000 to $55,000 depends on the specification of car that you choose. 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi specs are different. They come with some trims such as 2 door cars and 4 door cars. In each trim, there is also a difference in the engine type. There is also a difference in the WD mode. 2 WD and 4 WD are available for this car. There are also 27 different colors that you can choose for this brand new car. You can select the one that is suitable for your taste. They come with darker color.

Features & Specs

As you already know that the difference in the specs of trims influences the price of the car. It would be better if you know thoroughly what the best for you to choose is. There are some persons who prefer performance and also there are people who choose price. So with deciding what kind of yourself is, you can get the most suitable car for you. Now we will talk about directly to the 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi specs so that you can be able to select the price and spec for this brand new Dodge Ram.

Well, there are 75 trims that are offered in the brand new Dodge Ram. So we will divide it only to the important parts of this car so that this article will not be too long for you to read. First is the engine. There are two types of engine that is offered. You can choose between the 36L V6 24 VVT or 5.7L V8 Hemi MDS VVT. Both of the engines have their quality. But, of course, the 5.7 L V8 is more expensive than its counterparts. Then second are the wheels. You can choose either steel wheels or aluminum wheels. The color choosing will not have many impacts with the price of the car so you should not be worry to choose any color that you want without having to pay more for a certain color.

The variety of this car sometimes can make us have difficulties in choosing. Well, it does not matter. You can get the trim that you want by consulting to the showroom, or you can go online and consult about the trim that suit you. The more expensive of the trim type, they provide it with better safety such as curtain air bags. But the standard of safety with airbag occupancy sensor, side impact beams, tire specific low tire pressure warning system is also equipped inside this brand new Dodge Ram. However, the stability control is the same for all trims. It has standard stability control. The car has basic warranty about 3 years or after the car reaches 36,000 miles. Drivetrain, corrosion and roadside assistance warranty for about 5 years or after the car reaches 100,000 miles. You can also have optional safety features that are provided if you ask for it. The items are power and remote entry group, power black trailer TOW mirrors and Parkview rear back up camera. These items will not be included until you order it by yourself. In the interior looks like there is no much different between the trims. So you can be able to choose any trims with the same interior.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Performance

Mitsubishi Eclipse has more futuristic and aggressive look than other sport cars among its class. The Mitsubishi car facture creates the new car concept that becomes the strongest sport car among its competitor such as Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ. It is predicted to be the favorite choice for sport car lovers. Mitsubishi is one of the biggest car facture in the world that and well known with its hatchback car such as Mirage and Pajero sport. This coupe sport car sport gives excellent sports equipment that improves your adrenalin feeling. Moreover, this new brand of will improve and delight the customers with its efficiency and appearance.

Exterior and Feature

The Mitsubishi Eclipse design concept of new Mitsubishi Eclipse has distinctive contemporary and futuristic performance. The body lines are designed to be more aerodynamic and safer. The edged and sharp line gives very luxurious impression. Under the headlights, the big air-intakes are very pleasant. The rear side of the car there are two large air-intakes in triangles shape. There are also two exhaust pipes in oval shape. The available of the alloy aluminum in the thick bar embellish the rims. Obviously, this Japanese concept for Eclipsewill be great and perfect as the car design.

Interior and Price

The Mitsubishi interior is made from high quality and best material. The elegant and large interior gives comfort for the passengers. Mitsubishi also updates some features such as leather seats, steering wheel, navigation system, climate control and other. The Eclipse is very famous around the world, especially in American dealership. The masculine performance in exterior design gives better improvement in the interior. The Mitsubishi Eclipse improves the security and safety system for passengers by offering airbag, braking and stability system to accompany the driver. There is no exact price for the Mitsubishi Eclipse, by the updated design and feature the cost is assumed will be higher than the previous generation.

The Sedan Mercedes E350

Mercedes E350 sedan car is really the best one to own. It is considered as the executive car that is produced to fulfill what costumers need. It was firstly produced by Mercedes Benz with engine as well as body configurations that variously produced started from 1993. It is the replacement of the E class middle 1930s predecessors. Coming with the better appearance and power, E350 2015 model year is one of much recommended car to have in this year.

Engine and Handling

If you are asking about how great does the engine works, you will satisfied by the 4 cylinder engine that is owned by the Mercedes E350 and the 2.1 L turbo diesel for 195 horsepower. For the 302 horsepower you will have a 3.5 L V6 engine using the hybrid setup and paired with the 3.5 L, electric motor. Another is the 329 hp using the 3.0 L, the kind of twin turbo V6. If you prefer the kind of coupe as well as convertible model, it is run by the 3.5 L V6. Many people prefer to have the 402 hp which using the V8 twin turbo. All of them can treat you and all your passengers very well.

Features and Design

Safety system that is installed as the high technology will make your driving feels great and amazing. Attention assist is chosen as the best one for accompanying your drive handling. It is also completed with the duo auto digital control for climate. It is completed with Bluetooth, entertainment, etc. Mercedes E350 will make your driving moment complete and perfect. It has dramatic and modern appearance for the exterior and interior as well. Sport and luxury styling is reflected while it does its action. Its LED lamp that has a cool design adds the greatness appearance of the E350 2015.

The Executive Mercedes C Class

Mercedes-Benz C250, AMG Line, Avantgarde, Diamantsilber metallic, Leder
Cranberryrot/Schwarz, Zierelemente Holz Esche schwarz offenporig, (W205),

Mercedes C Class is a replacement car edition for its predecessor 190. It is produced as a kind of compact executive under production of Daimler AG in 1993. Since that time, C Class car started to be one of favorite cars in its class. It is build in Sindelfingen at Mercedes Benz factories. Everyone knows that Germany has so many factories that have connection and relations for other parties and factories for so many countries. The first C Class was the W202 which was produced in 1993. The second year of C Class model year was W203 in 2000. In 2007 Mercedes Benz launched the third generation of C Class. The next generation was in 2015 named as the C class W205. Since then, C Class always becomes many people chosen car until now.

Style and Look

Design that makes Mercedes C Class becomes the considered as excellent car will really amazed you up. It has the limousine S Class version concept which makes it looks gorgeous and stylish. It has sculpted sides and head lamps that have a swept back look. The sport trim of C Class model is the 17 inches wheels.  The LED light will really shining bright and adds charm for the car. The luxurious cabin and seating will make it becomes the most comfort car. Quality materials and beautiful design have really worked well on this Mercedes’ modern car.

Engine Performance

All kinds of Mercedes’ car are completed with the proper and powerful engine. For instance, the 2016 model year of Mercedes C Class (the AMG 4MATIC) is powered by the 3.0 L V6 and able to produce 329 horsepower. It has 354 lb-ft torque and can give you a fast speed. This car is considered as an affordable car. Price for around $38,400 until $62,750 will be the suitable one.

Mercedes-Benz C250, AMG Line, Avantgarde, Diamantsilber metallic, Leder
Cranberryrot/Schwarz, Zierelemente Holz Esche schwarz offenporig, (W205),
Mercedes-Benz C250, AMG Line, Avantgarde, Diamantsilber metallic, Leder
Cranberryrot/Schwarz, Zierelemente Holz Esche schwarz offenporig, (W205),
Mercedes-Benz C250, AMG Line, Avantgarde, Diamantsilber metallic, Leder
Cranberryrot/Schwarz, Zierelemente Holz Esche schwarz offenporig, (W205),

The Gorgeous McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C is one of the best cars hat become people’s favorite car nowadays. This car is recommended for anyone who is looking for a great performance and stylish car. It is manufactured by a famous car company, McLaren Automotive. It was firstly produced after production of McLaren F1 which ends in 1998. It was introduced in 2009 in 2009 exactly September and launched to market in the middle of 2011, so it still kind of new product of McLaren. MP4-12C 2015 model year is the best one to have. Since it was produced until now, MP4-12C has reached high selling rate and becomes one of favorite cars in this era.

Overview about Specification

McLaren MP4-12C has the 3.8L V8 which has complete power using the twin turbocharged. It will give you a fast speed over 616 horsepower. All people who love this car feel that it truly has a great and outstanding power on the road. It is also able to give a best driving ability by using the 443 lb-ft torque and the 85000 rpm. This awesome car can run for 3.1 seconds from 0 to 60 mph.  It is truly has a great power as which is sent by the engine. Innovations and modify has been applied towards this car to make the person who drives it feel how great its potent engine.

Design and price

MP4-12C 2015 car has been restyled with the attractive and cool body. Sleek and nice design is the perfect car for racing on any occasion. The composed carbon fiber of McLaren MP4-12C becomes its mains structure and that affects to the 3,200 pounds weight. It has comfortable passenger’s seats and spacious cabin for pleasant and enjoyable driving moment. The lightweight body is constructed from aluminum as well as the SMC plastic. MSRP started from $241,400 is the MP4-12C 2015 price.